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RIDING ACADEMY was born out of a passion for motorcycle driving and an endless desire to share the experience and knowledge gained. Observing and communicating with motorcycle riders, I realized that there are a significant number of riders who are looking for unique and non-standard practical driving programs to learn. 
We believe in going our own way, we believe in sky and sun rise, we believe in freedom, we believe in dust and wearing black, we believe in the power engines and full fuel tanks, we believe in custom paints, flames and skulls, we believe life is what you make it, we believe machine you are sitting on, we believe roads, friends & spirits of Harley Davidson motorcycles, we believe you can ride with us. 
Biker Academy provides professional care of our students and personal attention to every one entire program. Our certified coaches and instructors are real bikers, constantly riding motorcycles for more than 30 years. They will not only teach you to maintain the rights of a motorcycle riding elementary category A, but also will pass-on to you the knowledge gained through long-term trips and driving improvement camps through special programs.
The Academy coaching not only newcomers riders, but also offers a range of special motorcycle driving programs for further riding skills improvement, tailored individual programs, group driving techniques, seminars and riding weekend courses. At Biker’s Academy you will get a real opportunity to become a confident BIKER. We create a community of motorcyclists who believe that motorcycle riding skills need to be constantly updated and improved and the learning process is fun forever.
Our mission – promote Harley Davidson motorcycles, spread modern and reliable riding philosophy and ideas for safe and responsible motorcycle riding.



Academy invites you to learn and get excellent  experience riding Harley Davidson motorcycles, new driving skills, make new friends in the BIKERS community.


We are the only ones in Lithuania who teach you to ride Harley Davidson motorcycles, but if you are interested in other styles or types of motorcycles and want to study with us – we will definitely find a solution for you.


Experienced and friendly coaches/instructors, are real bikers with many years of motorcycle riding practices. We have traveled hundreds of thousands of kilometers in a variety of driving conditions and get unique knowledge that is unlikely to be found anywhere else. One of us wrote a BIKER’S BOOK with practical driving tips which is available for you to experience in our course programs and take over skills that we have learned during the last 30 years of riding.



We never „rehearse“ just a „play“ for passing the exams, but our mission and goal is to teach you for safe participation on road traffic and to develop your personal riding skills of a smart & intelligent rider.

Individual work with each of our students, personal attention throughout the course and training allows you to provide unique learning pleasure, avoid stress from possible failures, and you will start your story with LEGENDARY HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLE.

We focus on the development of practical riding skills and safety in the preparation process before riding,  psychology of the „invisible rider“ &  proper behavior.

We organize group trainings and moto events all over Lithuania, Graduates will be issued a graduation certificate / DIPLOMA
Free driving consultations throughout the riding season.
6 most interesting routes around Vilnius, 1000 km around Lithuania, rally route 14/24/48 and Iron IRON BUTT Saddle Sore 1000 km route through the Baltic States.


Become a real Biker here!

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